Legal and tax overview

After her studies at the University of Paris-Panthéon Sorbonne (Ph.D in law), Nathalie Weyd became a member of the Paris Bar in 1993 and a partner of a law firm where she specialized in the areas of business law and mergers and acquisitions. She then moved to French Polynesia where she has continued to practise business law.

Her 45 pages publication "Investing in French Polynesia" is dedicated to non French investors who need a general overview of the main laws and regulations applicable in French Polynesia before deciding to make an investment.In this respect, it should be emphasized that French Polynesia has a specific corpus of laws and regulations compared to France. This specificity arises from the status of autonomy of French Polynesia which is an "overseas country" with the authority to derive to some extent from the corpus of legislation in France.

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Nathalie Weyd
Attorney at law